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Geotextile Tube Dewatering

Geotextile tube in marine engineering starts from 1980s, used to geotextile tube coastal protection, prevent erosion and improve stability in marine engeering structures. Geotextile tube dewatering and decontamination of sediments allegedly starts from late 1990s. The water from the hydraulic fill passes through the pores in geotextile skin while the mud or other particles remian contained.

Geotextile Tube Dewatering Applications
Dewatering Sediments & Artificial Structures

Dewatering sediments: Environmental Remediation, Wastewater Treatment, Mining, Paper Mills, Power Generation, Light Industrial and Agriculture.

Aritificial Structures:  Shoreline Protection, Geotextile Tube Revetment, Geotextile Tube Reclamation, Breakwaters, Dykes&Levees.

Custom Size

Custom size fits applications of aritificial structures and save lands during dewatering process.

Easy Removal

The dewatering process is finished, after weeks to fairly dry, it's easy removal and disposal of solids.

Environmental Friendly

Efficient, versatile and environmental friendly solution reduces carbon footprint.


In aritificial structures, reliable in all weather conditions and keep operational safety.

Cost Saving

Dramatically cost saving comparing to traditional decontamination methods and rock based structures.

Geotextile Tubes(Geobag Dewatering)
In hydraulic & marine engineering

Geobag dewatering coastal protection the fundamental features of geotextile tubes with a long, tubular unit with ports at specific intervals along upper surface. The water from the hydraulic fill passes through the pores in geotextile skin while the sand remians contained with the tube. Geotextile tube breakwater are filled to specific fill heights to meet geometric and hydraulic requirements. Geotextile tube installation when filled to max height, the sand fill is dense and stable.

geotube seawall

Geotextile Tubes(Geobag Dewatering)
In dewatering & decontamination

Geotextile tube dewatering, there are too many sediments carried by rivers and streams into down-gradient harbors, estuaries and deltas every year in the world. The dredging, a safe and efficient strategies is necessary, the dewatering geotextile tube not only to dewater the dredged material while under pressure but also to decontaminate them is the unltimate goal. By dewatering we mean to decrease the water content of slurried material to a point where geotextile bags handling of the sediments by standard earth moving equipment is possible.

geotextile tube dewatering
geotextile bag

Most advanced equipments to ensure high quality

Geotextile dewatering bag is made from geotextile, the first priority is make sure woven geotextile quality. We use most advanced Sulzer looms to produce smaller opening size, but high filtration fabrics which sewing into geotextile filter bag, that makes dewatering process much quickly and also increase the alibility of retaining solids. With high factory seam strength, the aritificial geotextile sand bag of structures are strong enough to resist any impact from inside or outside, and do it’s own job as ‘great wall’.

High Tensile Strength
High Seam Strength