Dewatering Geo Tube
Environmental Remediation

In many cases, sediments pose significant environmental hazards, and remediation is a difficult expensive task. 

Sludge Dewatering
Mining, Mineral Processing

Mine tailings,coal sludge can be managed, handled cost effectively with geotextile tubes dewatering technology.

Geotube MDS Dewatering
MDS Dewatering

MDS for smaller applications, geotextile tubes dewatering sludge produced in wastewater treatment process. 


geotube marine
Coastal Protection

Development activities in the shoreline, alongside erosion, marine storms may lead to destructive effects on objects.

geotube breakwaters
Sea Breakwaters

Breakwaters are shore parallel structures . They used to intercept and reduce incoming wave energy.

geotube seawall
Dykes & Levees

Dykes, levees are used to allow construction to occur under more suitable conditions. 



Tube70-95 is sewed into a custom size, tensile strength is 70/95Kn/m, to form geotextile fabric tubes. Environmental dewatering is fit for this tube use.


Tube70-105 is sewed into a custom size, tensile strength is 70/105Kn/m, to form efficiency dewatering geotextile tubes. Mine dewatering is suitable.


Tube79-110 is sewed into a custom size, tensile strength is 79/110Kn/m. Perfectly used in river, waterway, harbor sludge dewatering.

Advantages Comparing To Most Competitors

1 pcs geotube
1 PCS Order Available

Full-Scale geotube dewatering test is always needed based on the test results from GTD. The design process includes preparing subgrade, placing a HDPE liner, and pumping the chemically conditioned slurry.

geotube package
High Tech Equipments

German extruder, Switzerland flat loom, Japan sewing machine. We use most advanced equipments to ensure high quality and high efficiency, to provid customers with excellent products and competitive price.

geotube package
Great Service

We are following best practices like valuing customers' time, having a pleasant attitude, and providing knowledgeable and resourceful resources, also further to exceed- rather than just meet-expectations.


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We generate a lot of sludges every year, use Boatup Tubes, it becomes much easy, and most important is that the cost is so good comparing to big equipments.

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At Boatup, our journey began in 2015 with a vision to create a positive impact on our planet’s shorelines and ecosystems. Founded by a team of dedicated environmental enthusiasts, Boatup set sail on a mission to provide unparalleled quality and service in the realm of geotextile tubes.


Join us as we sail into a horizon where erosion is controlled, waste is restored, and shorelines thrive. Boatup-steering towards a world where nature and innovation coexist in perfect harmony.

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